Infosound is a small, independent British registered charity with over thirty years' experience producing free and impartial public service information, in audio, for vision-impaired (blind and partially-sighted) people - and supporting others to do the same.










Our services are free of charge. So, may we help you?


Whether you are a British charity that supports blind and partially sighted people or a business or other organisation that needs to reach out to those living with sight loss, perhaps we can help you to put what you want to say into audio.


Audio is not only an extremely accessible way to reach those with vision impairment, but a voice can communicate so much more than text on a screen or the printed word ever can.

Also, these days, audio can be delivered in a variety of ways and, in most cases, this is on everyday, mainstream devices, such as smart speakers, any 'phone, as a podcast or through the post on USB memory sticks or CDs.


We've a little more information about how we can help here. But just to give you a few ideas to be thinking about:



However you feel we may be able to help you, please drop us an email to and we can take it from there.



Helping to spread useful information

to those living with sight loss

Infosound is a British charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929).


We are funded solely by voluntary donations and grants.

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A photo of the Infosound audio studio, showing a computer screen, mixer, microphone and other equipment

“Infosound has provided vital support to our organisation, producing audio information features of the highest broadcast quality. The charity has also gone beyond by providing us with valuable technical support and incredible industry insights from knowledgeable mentors. Our platform, PSS iTalk, would not exist without Infosound's commitment and expertise. Thanks to them, thousands of people every week receive essential information on matters that are most relevant to them.”

Partially Sighted Society CEO, Anita Plant