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The free and impartial information service for
vision-impaired people in Great Britain
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Infosound is a frequently-updated blend of audio features on a broad range of sight loss-related subjects, shorter briefings about

events and services,often from one region of Great Britain, vision-impaired listeners' own comments, hints, tips and items of information

and occasional music.  It is broadcast around the clock - all day, everyday.

Infosound Select is the on-demand service for the Infosound broadcast.  If you want to listen-again to something you heard on

Infosound or just browse through the most recent audio items to be broadcast, they're available to hear whenever you like.

And both the Infosound broadcast and Infosound Select can be heard in a number of different ways.

Listening on Amazon voice-activated devices

Infosound and Infosound Select can both be heard on the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Dot devices on the

"My Talking Newspaper" service provides voice-activated access to a range of local talking newspapers as well as

some non-talking newspaper services, including Infosound.  To listen to Infosound, just switch on your Amazon

device and say "Alexa, ask My Talking Newspaper for Infosound".

The device will guide you audibly to listen to the Infosound broadcast, to the Infosound Select on-demand service

or to hear information about Infosound, with playback being controlled entirely by your voice.

Listening on the Infosound Web Site

The Infosound broadcast - and therefore the associated Infosound Select on-demand service - is kept frequently-

updated and it can easily be browsed here on this web site.  One single link takes you straight to the rolling 24/7

broadcast and all the individual items in Infosound Select are presented in reverse date order (so, the most recent

first) to play individually.

Listening on your phone

You can use the keypad on any standard home landline phone, or mobile phone, to go straight to the Infosound

broadcast or to hear all the items in the current Infosound Select on-demand service. This way of listening offers

full speech feedback and navigational guidance in audio.  Because many phone service providers offer free

evening and weekend calls, it is hoped that people accessing our library in this way won't incur any extra phone

charges.  To listen to the library over the phone, just call us on 03000 111 555 and select option 9.

Listening on the Sonata Internet Audio Players

The full Infosound service can be heard on the Sonata and Sonata Plus Internet audio players.  These units,

designed specifically for blind and partially-sighted people, can access a very large range of audio content,

including radio stations and information services.  Infosound is listed in the "Everyday VI Information" and in the

"Podcasts" categories in the players' menus.

The charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund sells, and lends, these players and administers the subscription

service.  They can provide further information about the player and its content.

Listening on the Bumblebee tablet

British Wireless for the Blind Fund has developed a tablet-based app, called Bumblebee, that gives the

user direct access to radio stations, information services, talking books, talking newspapers and more as

well as an interactive messaging service.  And the full Infosound service is available to hear on Bumblebee.

The Infosound broadcast can be found in Bumblebee's radio section and Infosound Select can be browsed in the

app's "Everyday VI Information" and in the "Podcasts" sections.

The charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund lends these tablets to those who meet their free lending criteria and

they are able to provide further information about the tablet, the app and its content.

Additionally, Infosound Select is available to hear as a podcast.  A podcast is a unique file that, once "known" by an Internet browser or

podcast-catching software, will automatically deliver its content to a computer, tablet or smart mobile phone as soon

as any new content has been added.

Our podcast delivers the very latest audio articles as soon as they have been produced; and it can be found

at:  This free podcast can also be heard in the iTunes store.

For blind and partially-sighted people, and others, who are comfortable accessing Social Media, Twitter lets us offer our latest material

to be heard and shared.  We can also update Twitter-users with news of what we are producing and other information

about the Infosound services and this can be passed-on and shared with the wider world via any other social media

outlets.  Our most recent tweets can be read on the Introduction page of this web site and on our Twitter page, which

can be found at:

Other ways to hear Infosound information

A fair number of local talking newspapers and magazines, as well as some community and hospital radio

stations and local sight loss charities across Great Britain, choose to feature Infosound information audio

articles.  It is unlikely that any will carry more than a few Infosound audio articles at any one time, but they may

well offer a selection of items on a variety of subjects.

We are grateful to them for carrying our public service information to a broader listening audience.  Each of these groups of

broadcasters and charities has an umbrella organisation, to which individual organisations may or may not belong, that should

be able to give information about its members' activities:

•  Visionary (for local sight loss charities)

•  The Talking News Federation (for local talking newspapers and magazines)

•  The Community Media Association (for community radio stations)

•  The Hospital Broadcasting Association (for hospital radio stations)
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Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)

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