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Here, you can:

• Listen to Infoshare.

• Hear some tips about recording your own message.

• Find out about other ways to listen.

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Anyone is welcome to post a message on Infoshare and we welcome opinion and comment, news and information, while making sure that everything heard on Infoshare is fair and balanced.


We've put together some guidelines to help make sure whatever you want to say comes across in the best way possible. But, above all else, Infoshare is informal and open to all; so don't feel you have to record the perfect message - just get on the phone and have your say!


Infoshare is a level playing field - everyone records their message in the same way:

Simply, call us on 03000 111 555 and select option 5 (chose option 6 if you would like to hear some tips before recording your message).


Hear some tips for recording a message

As well as listening to Infoshare on this web page, you can listen on other platforms and devices:


On Amazon smart speakers: tell your Alexa device to "open Infoshare" (we are currently not on Google Home or Apple Siri devices).

On any phone: dial 03000 111 555 and select option "8".

As a podcast: subscribe to the free podcast, whose URL is infosound.org.uk/podcast.xml.


Some audio playing devices, run and administered by others, also carry Infoshare. These include:

• the British Wireless Bumblebee tablet.

• both British Wireless Sonata audio players.

• the In Your Pocket audio device.

About Infoshare and our contact details
Introduction to Infoshare
Sharing information to support living with sight loss

03000 111 555

Infoshare is a free public service, run by the independent charity Infosound, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082)

and in Scotland (no. SC039929).

We are funded solely by voluntary donations and grants.


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