Infoshare, the new name for the Infosound Audio Noticeboard, is being developed over time and there are different ways to listen to phoned-in messages.


You can currently hear the ten most recent phoned-in messages all together (lasting 10 to 15 minutes) as well as those same ten messages individually.

 Infosound 24

Separately, you can hear every one of the current phoned-in messages, along with some other information and music as a 24-hour rolling audio compilation.

Both can be heard together:

On this web site

• On any phone, by calling 03000 111 555

• On any Amazon Alexa smart speaker

• On any Google Home smart speaker

• In our podcast (

• On the British Wireless Bumblebee tablet

• On all British Wireless Sonata audio players

• On the In Your Pocket audio device


We continue to bring news of how Infoshare is being developed over time on Infosound's Twitter page: @Infosound.


Where to listen and our Contact Details
                            Contact Infoshare
Because we are a very small organisation, our phone line is rarely staffed; but all incoming recorded messages, other phone calls and emails are dealt with fairly quickly.

• Phone us on:
03000 111 555
     •  option 1: Leave us a message or comment
        about the Infoshare service.
     •  option 5: Record your own message for
        vision-impaired listeners to hear on Infoshare.
     •  option 0: Listen to Infoshare messages
        individually on demand.

•  Email us at: [email protected]

•  Write to us at:
PO Box 20, Brighton BN2 7XX

The Infoshare logo - the word Info, in grey, and the word Share, in orange
Sharing information to support living with sight loss

03000 111 555

Infoshare introduction

Add your message to Infoshare

Infoshare is a free public service, run by the independent charity Infosound, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082)

and in Scotland (no. SC039929).

We are funded solely by voluntary donations and grants.


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