Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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Infosound London
Information about where to find news and information for vision-impaired people that is specific
to the Greater London region. Elsewhere on this web site you can:
Read a summary of the Infosound services
Browse and choose audio articles to hear in the new Infosound information audio library
Find out how and where to listen to Infosound
Read about Infosound, the charity
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Infosound produces information, in audio, for vision-impaired people across the whole of Great Britain; but we have built a
particularly good working relationship with many of the charities and other organisations that support blind and partially-sighted
people in, and around, the capital.  We are therefore able to produce a good number of audio articles on topics that relate
specifically to what's happening in the Greater London boroughs and elsewhere within the M25 motorway.

"Infosound London" used to be presented as a short bulletin of news and information for the Greater London region; and it
was separate to our Great Britain-wide information service.  But now this same capital-specific collection of audio articles -
and a lot more besides - can be found in the Infosound Audio Library of information, with each individual audio article sitting in
its relevant category section within the library, depending on what it's about - products, support, mobility, finance, leisure or

So "Infosound London" is now an integral part of the accesible Infosound Audio Library.

Providing everything we have to listen to in this way offers a much easier way of locating what might be of interest; and you
can select exactly what you want to hear and skip over what you don't.

There are several different ways to listen to the Infosound Audio Library but, wherever and however you listen, the content at
any one time will always be the same.  And that content is being added-to and refreshed every few days.

So, we would recommend that the best way to find, and listen to, information for vision-impaired people within the Greater
London region, is to visit our Infosound Audio Library - frequently!
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