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Infosound comprises a broad mix of audio features about products, services and issues affecting everyday living with sight
loss in Britain.  And these are mixed-in with diary events and general briefings of news and information as well as listeners'
own comments, hints, tips and items of information.

Infosound is kept frequently updated and refreshed with new material; so it could be worth listening every few days as a new
item may well have been added.  Similalrly the Infosound London bulletin is also updated frequently.

There are several different ways to listen to Infosound, but the content of Infosound at any one time will always be the same,
however you choose to listen.  The current Infosound can be heard further down this web page, in our podcast and on the
Sonata Internet audio players.  Many of these audio articles are also announced on Twitter and placed into the monthly
Infosound compilation on CD.

In total, Infosound lasts for about an hour but you can listen individually to each item it contains.  Inevitably, some subjects will
be of more interest and relevance to you than others, depending on where you live, your interests, mobility and age.

Please feel free to browse the audio items in this current selection by title and listen to what you want.  In each case the title,
which will always aim to describe what the article is about, is the link to play the audio feature.

Introduction to the current Infosound, updated on 25th February 2017
The new RNIB Infoline telephone information service
A listener's contribution asking why there's no talking Sky set-top box
A magnetic Braille timer
A listener's contribution with a suggestion for tackling vehicles parked on pavements
The Big Button Call Blocker
A listener's contribution asking why no one produces a talking DAB radio
The Macular Society's local Gadget Guides group demonstrations of daily-living equipment
The “Stay Well This Winter” messages are still being actively promoted across England
A listener's contribution giving away a braille crossword puzzle set
The Barnet Borough Sight Impaired Group in north London
Support from Action for Blind People’s local Action Team in Birmingham
A listener's contribution wanting a Penfriend version 1 label-reader
Information about how to contribute to Infosound
The Daylight foldable magnifying table lamp
A listener's contribution with information about Australian tactile bank notes
A listener's contribution wanting an Alto 2 or Nokia Simeon talking phone
RNIB research on best practice for wet and dry AMD, cataracts, and Glaucoma treatment
Skiing and snowboarding taster days for vision-impaired people in Milton Keynes
A singing group and a poetry group for vision-impaired people in, and around, Cardiff
Help wanted in the design of a talking TV set-top box
A listener's contribution with an update on a 60s weekend for vision-impaired people
The Scottish Blind Golf Society
A chess club for blind and partially-sighted people in Bromley by Bow, London
Bold-marked wall clocks from the Partially-sighted Society
Infosound contact details, listening information and closing announcement

We are very grateful to British Wireless for the Blind Fund, whose financial support
enables the production of this free Infosound service.
Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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