Infosound is broadcasting news and information around the clock - all day, everyday.  Just listen-in whenever you like.  Infosound is a

frequently-updated blend of audio features on a broad range of sight loss-related subjects, shorter briefings about events and services,

often from one region of Great Britain, vision-impaired listeners' own comments, hints, tips and items of information and some music.


Throughout the day, you'll hear a general mix of items, interspersed with music.  But, from time to time, we have specific "slots" where you

can hear particular types of information.

There are more details here about the Infosound broadcast content and schedule.

Infosound Select

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Infosound Select is the on-demand service for the Infosound broadcast.

If you want to listen-again to something you heard on Infosound or just browse through the most recent audio items to be broadcast,

they're all here - to listen-to individually: audio features, shorter regional and local briefings and Audio Noticeboard contributions from

listeners and service providers.

Just select whatever you want to hear from its title:

💬  Your Call: free VI cricket practice sessions at Lords in London this weekend

⚫   Learning to get online now that free "Online Today" training for vision-impaired people has finished

💬  Your Call: concerns about radio quality of a small, portable cassette/radio

💬  Your Call: Enfield Vision giving away a braille embosser

⚫   Commenting on consumer products that are inaccessible to vision-impaired people

⚪   The Link Line telephone support service for vision-impaired people in Wolverhampton

💬  Your Call: serious concerns over ongoing research into driverless delivery vehicles

⚫   The National Federation of the Blind says mobility, transport and access remain its top priorities

⚫   Lined paper in different sizes, line spacings and colours from RNIB

⚪   The Sight Village South-West exhibition is coming to Exeter on 24th April

⚫   The Jubilee audio magazine for blind and partially-sighted listeners across the UK

⚫   The Snow 10 tablet-style electronic magnifier with text-to-speech conversion

⚪   North Wales Society tor the Blind offers grants to help with equal access to education and training

⚫   A mobile device power bank, accessible through sound, vibration and touch

💬  Your Call: booking now open for the Metro Blind Sport Athletics Open event in London in June

⚫   Braille Scrabble and large print Scrabble

⚪   Berkshire Vision's sports clubs for blind and partially-sighted people

⚫   The Doro 4-button auto-dial mobile phone

⚫   The "Technology for Life" support from RNIB for all things lo-tech to hi-tech

⚪   Support towards employment from Sight Service in the Gateshead and South Tyneside area

⚫   Vision-impaired people are being asked for their opinions of rail travel in Britain today

⚫   Eone Bradley tactile watches that tell the time with two moving watch face ball bearings

💬  Your Call: a tactile Ludo game and a Miniguide ultrasonic mobility aid for sale

⚪   Seescape’s Sight Support Team services for vision-impaired people in Fife

💬  Your Call: a Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 with access software and keypad wanted

💬  Your Call: appreciation for kitchenware store Lakeland and their audio catalogue

💬  Your Call: news of the Vision Connect exhibition in Huddersfield on March 27th

You can contribute a comment, a hint or tip, an item of news or information by phoning us and recording a short

message on 03000 111 555 (option 5).

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