Infosound is broadcasting news and information around the clock - all day, everyday.  Just listen-in whenever you like.  Infosound is a

frequently-updated blend of audio features on a broad range of sight loss-related subjects, shorter briefings about events and services,

often from one region of Great Britain, vision-impaired listeners' own comments, hints, tips and items of information and occasional music.


Throughout the day, you'll hear a general mix of items, interspersed with a little music.  But, from time to time, we have specific "slots"

where you can hear particular types of information.

There are more details here about the Infosound broadcast content and schedule.

Infosound Select

Infosound Select is the on-demand service for the Infosound broadcast.  If you want to listen-again to something you heard on Infosound

or just browse through the most recent audio items to be broadcast, they're all here - to listen-to individually: audio features, shorter

regional and local briefings and Audio Noticeboard contributions from listeners and service providers.  Just select whatever you want to

hear from its title:

⚪   Wide-ranging support for vision-impaired people across Wales from Sight Cymru

💬  Audio Noticeboard: Advice wanted about buying an accessible washing machine

💬  Audio Noticeboard: Appeal for an Owasys 22C or an Alto 2 mobile phone

⚫   British Wireless for the Blind Fund reaches 90 years of providing free radios to vision-impaired people

💬  Audio Noticeboard: Appreciation for the British Wireless Sonata Plus radio/player

⚪   Contributing to research into the provision of accessible public transport in London for v-i passengers

⚫   A talking kitchen scale and a talking measuring jug

💬  Audio Noticeboard: Disappointment that the Sonata Plus radio/player is no longer available

⚪   Ipswich Blind Society

💬  Audio Noticeboard: a recommendation for the free Silverline telephone helpline for older people

⚫   The Soundscape phone app to help a vision-impaired person to navigate the street environment

⚪   The service to help vision-impaired runners in England to find a running guide gets a makeover

⚪   Yorkshire Coast Sight Support

⚫   Over-the-phone low vision support and advice from the Partially-sighted Society

⚫   The Micro Speak digital voice recorder with on-board speech information

⚪   Sight Village, the UK's biggest annual exhibition of VI products and services, has a new venue this year

⚪   Sight Action’s Inverness vision-impairment equipment resource centre

⚫   Large-print and jumbo-print puzzle books

⚪   Visual Impairment Breconshire’s Friendly Phone Service

⚫   A pledge of an improvement to accessibility issues from Uber taxis - one man's story

⚫   Choosing an accessible home phone

⚫   Guide Dogs appeals for more responsible dog ownership to stop guide dog attacks

⚫   Analogue wall and alarm clocks

⚫   Living Paintings' tactile and audio 'Touch to See' book clubs

⚫   Lighting in and around the home: a guide to better lighting for people with sight loss

You can contribute a comment, a hint or tip, an item of news or information by phoning us and recording a short

message on 03000 111 555 (option 5). Listen to information about the Infosound Audio Noticeboard.

You can subscribe to the free Infosound Podcast to have Infosound Select delivered straight to your computer,

tablet or smart mobile phone as soon as a new audio feature has been produced.
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