Infosound is broadcasting news and information around the clock - all day, everyday.  Just listen-in whenever you like.  Infosound is a

frequently-updated blend of audio features on a broad range of sight loss-related subjects, shorter briefings about events and services,

often from one region of Great Britain, vision-impaired listeners' own comments, hints, tips and items of information and some music.


Throughout the day, you'll hear a general mix of items, interspersed with music.  But, from time to time, we have specific "slots" where you

can hear particular types of information.

There are more details here about the Infosound broadcast content and schedule.

Infosound Select

Infosound Select is the on-demand service for the Infosound broadcast.

If you want to listen-again to something you heard on Infosound or just browse through the most recent audio items to be broadcast,

they're all here - to listen-to individually: audio features, shorter regional and local briefings and Audio Noticeboard contributions from

listeners and service providers.

Just select whatever you want to hear from its title:

⚫   A multi-purpose floor- and table-standing task lamp with magnifier from the Partially-sighted Society

⚫   Accessible radios and audio players/recorders on free loan for qualifying vision-impaired people

⚪   North East Sensory Services resource centres in Aberdeen, Dundee and Elgin

⚫   The "In Your Pocket" smart phone and audio player/reader

⚫   Access to Work and the role played by current or future employers of vision-impaired people

💬  Your Call: News of first-ever Charles Bonnet Syndrome event in London on November 16th

⚪   Merton Sports and Social Club in South-West London

💬  Your Call: Two hand-held magnifiers for sale

⚪   Support and activities provided by the Bridgend and District Visual Impairment Society

💬  Your Call: Concern about domestic equipment that is inaccessible to disabled people

⚫   RNIB's big print and braille 2019 Stationery

⚫   A retro-styled radio-controlled talking calendar clock with indoor and outdoor thermometers

💬  Your Call: serious concerns about the roll-out of smartphone-operated home equipment

⚪   The Croydon Vision Working Age Group is to launch its Forum

⚫   The Ultracane obstacle-sensing electronic mobility aid

⚫   A vision-impairment-friendly version of the Connect 4 "vertical strategy" game

⚪   Accrington and District Blind Society

⚫   Behind the scenes of the BBC Radio 4 "In Touch" programme

⚫   The Colorino talking colour identifier and light detector

⚪   Regular Sight for Wight events for vision-impaired people on the Isle of Wight

⚫   'Rate It!' product reviews - written by, and for, disabled people

⚪   Support for vision-impaired people in Glasgow from the city's Centre for Sensory Impaired People

⚫   The Orbit Reader 20 refreshable braille display reader and note-taker

⚫   Membership Services support for everyone using the Calibre Audio Library

⚪   Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind’s and their Art and Craft Group

⚫   Henshaw's online Knowledge Village of information for vision-impaired people

💬  Your Call: some practical tips when staying in mainstream hotels

💬  Your Call: VI Talk to hold a second Link Day - this time in London

⚫   RNIB's Fuss Free operator-assisted contract mobile phone service

⚫   Suggested improvements for making museums more accessible to vision-impaired visitors

You can contribute a comment, a hint or tip, an item of news or information by phoning us and recording a short

message on 03000 111 555 (option 5).

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