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The Infosound information audio library

From here you can visit all the sections in the new Infosound audio library and find out a little

about the new service which will start properly in July.

Elsewhere on this web site you can:

Read a summary of the Infosound service

Find out how and where to listen to Infosound

Read about Infosound, the charity

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Our new virtual library is still being put together - the builders may have finished their work but the decorators have only just

started.  However the various sections of the library are in place, even if there is only a fairly limited amount of content for you

to hear at the moment.

Introduction to the Infosound audio library

There are seven main category sections to help you find the kind of subjects that might interest you:

LATEST: The most recently-added audio articles to the library - from any category section

PRODUCTS: Daily-living devices, aids and adaptations for the individual, the home and elsewhere

SUPPORT: Services offering help, information and advice and subjects relating to health and wellbeing

MOBILITY: Getting about, transport and travel issues

FINANCE: Consumer issues, money, welfare rights, employment and training

LEISURE: Holidays, sport, hobbies, social groups, clubs and organisations

NEWS: National, regional and local events, one-off services and issues affecting vision-impaired people

We also have an AUDIO NOTICEBOARD of comments, opinions, items of information and other

contributions phoned-in by vision-impaired people
Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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