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The audio articles in this Leisure section are listed in reverse date order, with the most recently-produced

item first. The descriptive title of each article is the link to play that item.

Introduction to this Leisure section of the Infosound information audio library

A Britain-wide athletics open event for vision-impaired people in London on 17th June

A tea dance in Bromley in London on Thursday, June 1st

The South Wales Talking Magazine and Cardiff Talking Newspaper

The Let's Go Out guide to accessible events in Greater London

Flamenco dance sessions for vision-impaired people in London

Guided London Walks

Audio-based services from Somerset Sight

The Aquabats Sports and Social Club for the Blind in Greater London

Self defence for vision-impaired people

The RNIB in Your Pocket media player subscription service for their talking books and periodicals

North Wales Society for the Blind’s free bilingual talking newspaper and magazine service

The Right to Write initiative to help vision-impaired people in London to write for performance

What to expect when attending an audio described theatre performance

Two Bexley and two Bromley leisure and social clubs, run by Kent Association for the Blind

A fairly new online music radio station, staffed by blind and partially-sighted presenters

A gardening group for vision-impaired people in, and around, Cardiff

Performance audio description in Scotland

The various activities of the London Sports Club for the Blind

The Barnet Borough Sight Impaired Group in north London

A singing group and a poetry group for vision-impaired people in, and around, Cardiff

The Scottish Blind Golf Society

A chess club for blind and partially-sighted people in Bromley by Bow in London

Talking News Islington

The Access London Theatre brochure

Criteria for the issue of radios on free loan from British Wireless for the Blind Fund

Audio described tours of Bentley Priory Museum in North London

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