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The Infosound Charity Support Service for talking newspapers and magazines, not-for-profit radio stations and information services,
for health care professionals and volunteers and anyone else supporting blind and partially-sighted people in Great Britain:

phone Infosound on
03000 111 555
email Infosound at [email protected]
write to Infosound at
PO Box 20, Brighton BN2 7XX

Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
Infosound Media (Charity Support) is primarily for British talking newspapers and magazines, local sight loss charities, information services, radio
stations and any other charity or not-for-profit organisation providing services for vision-impaired people.  It is separate from our own information
service that we provide direct to vision-impaired members of the public across Great Britain.

Infosound is a small, independent, registered charity that produces impartial information on subjects
relating to living with sight loss for vision-impaired (blind and partially-sighted) people in England,
Scotland and Wales. Everything we produce is original and in audio; it is free, objective, non-commercial,
non-political and strictly impartial.
Using Infosound Audio Material
Only audio content on this Charity Support page of our web site may be downloaded and used by
a third party.
It is completely free to use, but may only be re-distributed by charitable or community-based organisations
providing information, in audio, to blind and partially-sighted people free of charge; specifically, it may not
be used for commercial or promotional purposes nor may it be associated with any form of advertising.
We neither ask nor expect to be credited as the source of our material you use.  However, should you wish
to explain to your listeners the inclusion of Infosound material in your audio publication or programme or
should you feel inclined
to publicise the Infosound service to vision-impaired members of the public, relevant information can
be found in the Infosound Promotional Material and Scripts section below. Thank you.
There are no stipulations for using our audio material, except that none of our features may be edited,
changed or augmented in any way and they may only be heard by your listeners as they have been
downloaded and in such a way that they play all the way through, uninterrupted, exactly as produced by us.
The "may be heard" date should also be observed, please.
For those who are interested, we also have some technical information about our audio below.

Current downloadable Infosound Audio Articles
Here we list the latest audio articles that we currently have for you to download and use.  In each case, the audio article's title is intended to give a description of
what it is about.  It is worth pointing out that this selection of audio articles may be refreshed at least every few days, so it could be a good idea to check this page
fairly frequently.

•  Making the best use of lighting around the home
duration 8:47  |   published on 15 Oct 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 19 Nov 2019

•  Braille address book, pocket organiser and refills from RNIB
duration 3:33  |   published on 10 Oct 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 14 Nov 2019

•  A talking metric and imperial bathroom scale
duration 6:18   |   published on 06 Oct 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 10 Nov 2019

•  The challenges facing local talking newspapers and magazines
duration 5:00   |   published on 02 Oct 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 06 Nov 2019

•  The WayAround tag and scan labelling system using a standard smart phone
duration 7:33   |   published on 28 Sep 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 02 Nov 2019

•  Making effective and constructive complaints when facing access issues
duration 7:15   |   published on 24 Sep 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 29 Oct 2019

•  Professional care support for vision-impaired people when on holiday
duration 6:18   |   published on 20 Sep 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 25 Oct 2019

•  The Beurer BM49 talking blood pressure and pulse monitor
duration 6:20  |   published on 18 Sep 2019  | may be heard by your listeners until 23 Oct 2019

Technical Information
Each of our audio features is produced as a downloadable mp3 file.  They are all compressed mono mp3 files at an 80Kbps constant bitrate and at a sampling rate
of 44.1KHz.  This represents 8.8 to 1 compression.  The audio is peak limited to -3dBm.
To download these files, left click on the item title.  If the audio plays rather than downloads RIGHT click on item title and "save ... as ...".  With each feature article
we give you its total duration, the date on which it was first produced and, importantly, the date after which it should not be heard by your listeners, since its content may be out of date, inaccurate or no longer relevant. With some items, we also mention geographic relevance.

Infosound Promotional Material and Scripts
We would be very grateful if you could promote Infosound to blind and partially-sighted people who might benefit from the free service we provide.
Thank you.

•  Infosound general service audio trailer (mp3 / 2:52)
A promotional audio trailer explaining the Infosound service and the charity behind it.

•  Infosound trailer script (PDF)
A promotional trailer script outlining the Infosound service for blind and partially-sighted people.

•  Infosound Audio Noticeboard audio trailer (mp3 / 2:23)
A promotional audio trailer explaining how vison-impaired people can contribute to Infosound.

•  Comment on Infosound audio trailer  (mp3 / 1:48)
Encouraging vision-impaired people to let us know what they think of the Infosound service.

•  Infosound service poster (PDF)
For downloading, (hopefully, enlarging) and displaying.  Thank you.

•  Infosound in brief  (PDF)
A briefing document outlining the charity and its service for, maybe, explaining to clients.

•  Broadcast summary flyer 1 (PDF)
Very brief summary of the broadcast service in portrait format for printing and distributing.

•  Broadcast summary flyer 2 (PDF)
Very brief summary of the broadcast service in landscape format for printing and distributing.

•  Listening to Infosound (PDF)
A brief explanation of the various ways in which, and devices on which, Infosound may be heard.

•  Promoting yourself on Infosound (PDF)
A briefing on how we may be able to help any VI-related charity to publicise itslef.

•  Suggested introductory script when using Infosound audio material (PDF)
A short script for reading at the start of an audio publication or programme featuring Infosound items.

•  Full Infosound audio promotion (mp3 / 27:34)
An illustrated guide to the Infosound service and details of where and how to listen.

Infosound Promotional CDs
We have produced a promotional CD that aims to tell vision-impaired people about the free Infosound service. It lasts for a little under half an hour.  On the CD we
explain about the mix of news and information we produce in audio and how listeners can contribute with their own comments, hints, tips
and items of information.  We also list the various ways that the Infosound broadcast and its associated on-demand service, Infosound
Select, can be heard: on any phone, on Amazon voice-controlled devices, on our web site, on the British Wireless for the Blind
Fund's Sonata players, on their Bumblebee tablet and as a podcast. Much of what we produce can also be heard via Twitter.
If you know any blind or partially-sighted people who might benefit from hearing about us, you are welcome to request as many
of these CDs as you need.  If you run a resource centre, you might want to keep a stock of them on display so anyone who visits
you can take one away with them. These CDs do not have to be returned.
This CD's audio can also be downloaded and distributed.  It can be found above as "Full Infosound audio promotion".
To request free copies of the Infosound demonstration CDs, please email us at [email protected]
      Please switch over to our Media Podcast
We are now using a podcast (RSS
feed) to deliver our free audio
content to talking newspapers,
talking magzines and other
information services; in fact, this will soon become
the only way to receive our audio files without
Infosound music idents front and back.
Podcasts offer the significant advantage of,
effectively, delivering the audio automatically to you
so you will no longer have to visit this web page to
download what you want. However, with the ability
to listen to each item in the podcast, you will still be
able to choose exactly what you want to use and to
save it where you want in your PC.
All you need to do is to to set up a browser or
podcasting software to look for our Infosound Media
podcast (
and it will automatically do the rest. More
information about this can be found at
If you have an enquiry or question about this,
please email [email protected].
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Infosound Media (Charity Support)

Infosound's support service for charities
serving the needs of vision-impaired people in Britain.

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