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Thank you for visiting Infosound Audio.

We have re-named this support service for talking newspapers and other charities that provide information for vision-impaired people.  This is because we have been advised that ".audio" web site domains are due to become extremely expensive - too expensive for us!

So, we are keeping this support service exactly as it has always been,
but under the new name of
Infosound Charity Support.

We are continuing to offer free and impartial audio material for organisations such as talking newspapers and magazines, local sight loss charities, radio services and other not-for-profit information providers to freely download and use in their own audio publications and programmes.

We can also provide information about us, in audio and in print, for passing on
to listeners and clients.

The new location for our charity support service is

After a while, you will be automatically diverted to the Infosound Charity Support service.
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The Infosound Charity Support Service for talking newspapers and magazines, not-for-profit radio stations and information services,
for health care professionals and volunteers and anyone else supporting blind and partially-sighted people in Great Britain:

phone Infosound on
03000 111 555
email Infosound at
write to Infosound at
PO Box 20, Brighton BN2 7XX

Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)