The Infosound Audio Noticeboard

Of all the information that Infosound provides, we think that our Audio Noticeboard is often the most valuable - and we

don't choose what it's about!  We encourage blind and partially-sighted people to phone-in with a comment, a hint or a

tip about living with sight loss; or maybe to share information they think other vision-impaired people may find helpful.

We also welcome those providing support, such as local sight loss charities and other support organisations, to phone-in and share news

of an event they are running or give information about a particular service they are offering blind and partially-sighted people in their area.

Audio Noticeboard items are featured frequently throughout our 24/7 Infosound broadcast and we also broadcast the latest postings

together at 6.30 and 9.30 in the morning, at 12.30 and 3.30 in the afternoon and at 6.30 and 9.30 in the evening. Additionally,the most

recent postings can be heard individually in Infosound Select.  

We want posting a message on the Audio Noticeboard to be informal, unthreatening and easy; no one should feel they can't just call us,

whenever they like, and have their say.  Below are a few guidelines, which we hope will help you to get your message across:

  Don't worry at all about making mistakes; if something goes wrong, just say it again - as many times as you like; we edit and

tidy-up all messages before anyone else hears them, but we will never add anything to your message.

  Remember, these are stand-alone messages; you can't mention anyone else's message since the listener may not have

heard what you are referring to. So, two-way conversations are obviously not possible via the Audio Noticeboard.

  Keep what you want to say fairly short (aim for no more than a minute) and on a single subject only.

  If you are giving information about an event or a service, please try to briefly explain what it is, who can attend, where it is,

when it is and, if appropriate, travel arrangements and any costs involved.

  Unless it's not relevant, always give a contact phone number and/or email address so listeners can get more information or


  Try to phone in a quiet place without too much background noise. If phoning from home, turn off the radio or TV if playing in

the background.

  For reasons of technical quality, if you have access to a landline phone, please use it in preference to a mobile phone.

  Relax - and keep it conversational and informal! Remember, even though a fair number of people will hear your message,

each person is listening individually; you are not addressing a group or a crowd - you are only ever talking to one person at a


And to post your message on the Infosound Audio Noticeboard - at any time - just phone our standard-rate number:

  03000 111 555,

  Select option 5,

  Record your message when prompted, after the tone, in your own time.

The Infosound Audio Noticeboard is, potentially, a very effective way of reaching a lot of people in one go; so please feel free to make

use of this free service whenever you like.  Many thanks.
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The Infosound Audio Noticeboard

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