Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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An announcement about the monthly Infosound CD compilation
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The Infosound CD service is to be replaced by other easily-accessible ways of listening to our information.  In fact the
process is well under way and we can already be heard in a variety of other ways across several different platforms; our
information in audio is also widely used by other information providers, such as local talking newspapers and magazines.

Infosound is a very small charity. It has two part-time staff members, who also work as volunteers, and a handful of others
who give their time and expertise in a voluntary capacity.  Our overheads are low and the charity's trustees manage its
finances prudently and responsibly.  We are funded entirely by voluntary donation - chiefly by trust funds and two outward-
looking charities within the vision-impairment sector.  We are extremely grateful for all the financial support we receive but no
charity will ever have resourcing to fulfil all its aims and ambitions on behalf of those it serves.  As part of a five-year funding
plan, Infosound is budgeting for a decrease in income over the next three years by reducing salaries and looking for savings
elsewhere.  Our CD service is the single most costly part of our operation - both in terms of time and money - and running a
Britain-wide USB memory stick alternative service would be even more expensive and, in practical terms, beyond the
capability of the charity.  So our trustees have decided that, in light of there being other accessible alternatives that offer a far
greater selection of information to blind and partially-sighted listeners, that the CD service should be phased out.

There are non-financial reasons for making this decision as well.  The nature of the news and information that Infosound
provides does not lend itself well to being limited to what a monthly audio CD service can offer.  The disc is limited in
available space and much of the information it contains, although still relevant when heard, is not fresh.  Furthermore,
because of the space limitation of an audio CD, Infosound is reluctantly having to make the choice on behalf of the listener as
to what they may and may not hear.  This is not something that sits comfortably with Infosound’s core ethos of free and open
accessibility to all.  We feel we should make everything we have produced equally available for all listeners to be able to
choose to hear - or to choose not to hear - as they wish.

Our new audio library of information offers just this and, although not yet in its finished state, is now available to visit and
browse on any telephone (landline or mobile, preferably in "handsfree speaker mode"), using the phone's keypad to navigate
the library and to select what's heard - and at any time.  With many telephone companies offering free evening and weekend
calls, at no extra charge, it is intended that listening in this way should not incur any extra costs.

To access the Infosound audio library of information on the phone, just call us on the standard-rate phone number 03000 111
555 and select option 9.

This same library selection of audio articles can be heard on this web site, via podcasts (delivered to computers, tablets and
smart phones) and on the British Wireless for the Blind Fund’s Sonata Internet audio players; and new articles can also be
heard via Twitter.

The final CD compilation (for July and August) is expected to reach listeners in the week beginning 17th July.
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