Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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Welcome to Infosound

Infosound is an independent registered charity that produces and distributes information, in

audio, that may be of interest to vision-impaired (that is, blind and partially-sighted) people

in Great Britain. We are a non-commercial, editorially-impartial public service, funded entirely

by voluntary donation.

This web site is designed to be a fully-accessible information resource for blind and partially-sighted computer-users.

And on this site you can:

•  Visit the Infosound Select listen-on-demand service

•  Browse the Infosound audio library of information

•  Order a free Infosound demonstration CD

•  Read about Infosound, the charity and our enablers

•  Find our contact details

We aim to make everything we produce directly relevant to those with vision-impairment.  The information we produce covers

topics about the everyday practicalities of living with sight loss, such as daily-living aids and products, benefits, holidays,

mobility, travel, housing, employment, training, leisure, sport, money, consumer matters, hobbies and the important issues of

the moment.  We also carry briefings of events and one-off services run for the benefit of blind and partially-sighted people

and we welcome contributions from vision-impaired people who want to share their experiences, hints, tips and opinions. 

We have recently introduced Infosound Select, which is a roundup of our

latest audio features on a mixture of topics. Infosound Select can currently

be heard on this web site and as a podcast, which can be automatically

delivered to any computer, tablet or smart mobile phone as soon as a new

audio features has been produced.  We also announce this on Twitter.

Currently, we also have a browsable audio library of information, which can

be heard in a number of different ways and on various audio-playing devices,

including standard landline telephones, computers, tablets, smart mobile

phones and several specially-designed audio players.

Here we have more information about listening to Infosound.

Infosound Charity Support

Separately, we also offer audio material for British vision-impairment-related charities to use in their own audio
publications, audio information services and programmes; and we provide information and promotional
material about the Infosound service to pass on to blind and partially-sighted clients.

Infosound Charity Support is primarily for British talking newspapers and magazines, local sight loss charities, information
services, radio stations and any other charity or not-for-profit organisation providing services for vision-impaired people.
The symbol of a partially-obscured eye signifying vision-impairment
The Infosound logo - the words "info" and "sound" inside a yellow and white eye shape